SCHWALBE Inner tube 27.5x1.50/2.40 AV 40mm 8,50 € 37%

SCHWALBE Inner tube 27.5x1.50/2.40 AV 40mm

Soul AV21 27.5x1.50/2.40 40mm (40/62-584) 205g SALE SOUL Read more


Dispatched : Friday 2.12.2022

8,50 € incl. VAT Discount

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Inner tube 27.5x1.50/2.40 AV 40mm (40/62-584) 205g

The inner tube is mainly made of butyl rubber. Butyl is a very elastic and airtight type of synthetic rubber. As with tires, additional admixtures are needed to create the rubber compound. The quality of the tube can vary significantly depending on the composition of the rubber. For example, Schwalbe tubes have extremely high air stability and flexibility. This high elasticity makes it possible to cover a wide range of different casing sizes. In-mold vulcanization improves uniformity of wall thickness, reducing weight and improving air stability. Because of this, autoclave tubes, which are easier to manufacture, have become less common in recent years. Schwalbe inner tubes have always been produced using a thermoforming process.

Each inner tube also needs a valve that is connected to the tube during the vulcanization process.

In addition to the quality of the ingredients, cleanliness is crucial for the quality of the inner tube. rubber compound. Before pressing, the base material is forced through seven filters under high pressure. All the tubes are inserted and inflated in the mold for vulcanization. Only this guarantees uniform wall thickness and high air stability.

All inner tubes are inflated and tested for air stability for 24 hours. Then each soul is carefully inspected visually. Schwalbe inner tubes have been appreciated by German bike dealers for their high reliability for many years.

The tube fits a large number of tires thanks to its high elasticity and quality. Inner tube No. 17 works with tires from 28 to 47 mm wide - which is a great advantage for stocking in the shop. At the same time, it is proof of the quality of the soul.

All valves are nickel-plated and threaded. The valve core is always replaceable. Schwalbe tubes with a classic cyclo valve can be pressure tested because they have a high pressure valve core.

Every Schwalbe tube is 100% recyclable. We can use recycled material in the production of new tubes without losing quality. We have developed a special devulcanization process in our factory and it has proven to be very successful for several years. Currently, each Schwalbe standard tube consists of 20% recycled old tubes.

Taking into account all transport routes, the energy balance is positive. Only a fifth of the energy is used compared to the production of new butyl.

Inners made of latex are more flexible than ordinary butyl inners. This makes them a little lighter. Their biggest advantage is a high level of puncture protection. The highly elastic latex material is very difficult to pierce.

The disadvantage is the poorer stability of the air. A tire with a latex tube must be inflated to the correct pressure before each ride. This explains why latex inner tubes are not suitable for everyday use.

In addition, latex inner tubes are very delicate and sensitive to oil, daylight, heat and uneven expansion. The inner tube must be replaced every time the casing is changed.

Since these properties lead to many problems, latex tubes are not in our offer.

Additional information

Category: Tubes
Style: MTB (horské)
Size: 27,5"
Špecifikácia: AV - autoventil
SCHWALBE Inner tube 27.5x1.50/2.40 AV 40mm
SCHWALBE Inner tube 27.5x1.50/2.40 AV 40mm

5,33 €

4,44 € excl. VAT

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